The Batmobile

Affectionately known as “The BatMobile”, she was purchased in Melbourne in December 2001, with only 29,000 km on the clock and stock as a rock! On 9/5/2002 The Batmobile pulled 140RWKw on the RPM Dyno. After installation of a Down-Pipe (to the Cat), she pulled 150Kw! Shortly after this a full Exhaust and Inlet was installed by Marky at Exhaust Technology, which made a huge difference to performance, but pushed the Air/Fuel ratios towards dangerous levels. I decided to install the new E11 Haltech which had some great features. Unfortunately I let Brian Wilson of Triumph-Rover Spare do the install, as he was at that time the major Haltech Dealer for S.A. It was an unmitigated disaster, and subsequently had to be completely removed and re-wired. Wilsons’ attempts to tune the car involved detonating the motor on the Dyno, which was most likely the cause of the chipped seal which later failed on me. Fortunately Haltech (who were extremely supportive to the point of flying an engineer over from Sydney at their expense to find out why my car wouldn’t run properly) had introduced me to Brian Hester. By 20/12/2003 the E11 was running the car properly, thanks to Brian, and dynoed at an easy 200RWKW with the standard Intercooler. My lap times at Mallala came down to 1min25secs. On 31/5/2004 Brian finished another round of mods including a beautiful Blitz Front-Mount Intercooler, Blitz Dual Boost Controller, Blitz Blow-Off Valve and tidying up lots of little bits & pieces. 245 RWKW @ 13 pounds boost and the car really felt like a rocket! Unfortunately the chipped seal failed completely out at Mallala, and the car sat for quite some time awaiting a rebuild. We took the opportunity to change a few things while it was all apart, including cleaning up the Ports a little. Many Engine Parts were Ceramic Coated with a Chrome-like finish. The Twin Turbos have been replaced by a sparkly new single Garret GT38R, with custom manifolds and heat shield. The Haltech E11 was upgraded to the newer E11V2 (Thanks Haltech!) Bryan Hester has done all the work to his usual amazing standards. Shortly thereafter Fuel System was upgraded and so back on the Dyno and on the Track again! I’ve also replaced the pop-up headlights with a Sleek Light Kit and some HIDs. 3/03/06 : Latest round of mods include: Blitz Boost Controller is gone, the Haltech now controls the boost and is variable. A 48mm External Turbosmart Wastegate was installed. Cold Air Intake has been installed. Custom Fuel Rail, Fuel Pump and Injectors installed. She made a cruisy 254RWKw @ 12lbs boost.

Current Modifications:

Haltech E11V2 Garrett GT38R Single Ball-Bearing Turbo Turbosmart 48mm External Wastegate Blitz Front-Mount Intercooler Blitz Blow-Off Valve K&N Pod Filter for Cold Air Intake Stainless Steel 3″ Exhaust by Exhaust Technology Custom Fuel Rail Larger Injectors. Walbro Fuel Pump. Manual Boost Control. Autometer Boost Guage Custom Short Shifter Ohlin Coil-Overs Green Stuff Brake Pads Odyssey Dry Battery Carbon-Fibre MazdaSpeed Replica Bonnet Custom Sleek Light Kit and HID Headlights Custom Intercooler Spray FlyRX7 4-Guage Pod 18″ AMG (Silver) for Road, 18″ Racing Hart for Track

Future Modifications Include :


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